Creative Journaling Workshops


Creative Journaling is a way to help you process your thoughts, ideas, stories, meditations and dreams. It is also a place to brain dump, a place to remember things that you have read, heard or seen and can remind you of things you have learnt by using art, words, drawings, photos and collage. It’s a safe place to let go of any limitations and unveils the blockages that we have learnt along the way, we are all creative, we just have to believe it.


Learning some techniques of Creative Journaling in a group can create deep connections with yourself and others, and people find that being able to express themselves in this way helps shift the blocks and stories that can hold us back from our unique creativity, which we all have inside of us. 


Amy's workshops combine self discovery and art to connect you with your inner voice. It's a safe space for you to open up and delve into your authentic self and express it creatively, so you feel heard and empowered.

For more information and to enquire about upcoming dates for workshops please contact Amy here.